July 03, 2012

Disney: Where You Can Be A Kid Again!

For three days we all loaded into a shuttle and headed off to the Disney parks to ride the coasters, see the shows, meet the characters, and of course walk miles and miles!

It was so special to see all of the kid’s faces as we went from place to place. There is so much to see and to take in…it is no wonder the kids are over stimulated by the time they are there a few days. However, the five kids we were traveling with were amazing! No huge breakdowns during the day, the younger two took naps while we rode rides and we did as much as we could pack into the time we were there!I found it interesting to watch all the people, of all ages, know it was acceptable to scream "like a girl" on the rides, wear Mickey and Minnie ears, and eat junk food for lunch...there are no norms, just be yourself.

The one glitch was Debbie, the Tropical Storm off the Gulf Coast. She was windy and rainy the every day we were at Disney. To add onto that there was a tornado warning for two of the four days we were there. Kalani and I had a laugh one day as we were all running across the parking lot, soaking wet from the day and getting pelted with rain that was blowing sideways in the wind. All the cars we passed wore plates that boasted Florida is the “Sunshine State”…well, our week in the Sunshine State was RAINY!! HAHA.

But on the bright side, we all dawned our rain ponchos (glorified trash bags) and braved the storm. We still got wet…really wet. It finally got to the point that we did not pack the cameras around. It was too wet to even pull out the camera. So other than a few rainy shots and some phone pictures (which are not great quality, we have not photos) but we had a blast! The lines were so short because not many other people came out in the storm so on the bright side, if the kids were alright with the storm, so were we!

We rode rides—every one of them that we could. The kids were so brave! Lady Hiva and I taught them that if they go on a big rollercoaster they had to keep their hands up above their heads the WHOLE time! For the most part they did, they were so proud of themselves when they did it too. Some of the scary rides they would have their hands up, but would be gripping the arm of the person next to them…but that counts, right?!! I have nicknames for all of the kids—each given for a reason; Pickles, Pom-Pom, Lightening, Cupcake, and Mambo!
Actually Mambo, the one year old got his name just this year because with all the mud puddles around he was a happy guy. He would run—that toddler run when their little feet go faster on their tippy toes than their body and you think they are going to face plant it at any second—with his arms straight out for balance from puddle to puddle. Then he would stand in the puddle and do a tap splashing tap dance until he ran to the next puddle—Hence Mambo (Happy Feet)

The 3 year old, Cupcake, wanted so bad to go on all the big rides like the big kids. Sadly there were several that she was too small for. But we took her on as many as she could go on and that girl has NO fear. When we all put up our hands, so did she and she did not flinch, not once, to take them down. After going down the rapids at Animal Kingdom with her, I had told her older brother Lightening, that he was “The Man!” for being brave on the rides and keeping his hands up, I turned to her and told her she was the “Woman!” for being brave too! The next day Lady Hiva was holding her and I went up and wrapped my arms around both of them and said, “I love my Lady and my Cupcake.” She got serious and said, “I not Cupcake, I the WOMAN!” HAHAHA! You have to love kids. 

Lady Hiva and I really enjoyed being at Disney with them all. We did not do as much as we do at the Parks when it is just the two of us, but it is priceless to always have one of them holding your hand as you walk or watch them decide who is riding with who on the next ride. They were always pretty good about being fair and riding with everyone. Heather and Nate have done a really good job with them.

Being at Disney World was special for me, as it always is, after having worked there for a year. It is so fun to go back and think of ALL the memories of that place. Now we are all making more there. At nights we would spend time with Beau-D and Kalani they are a great couple! They truly do love and support each other. Lady and I liked to see that because we have not been around much since they have been married. 

We are all exhausted, but thankful for the experience. It will be nice to spend the next few days at the beach. That is if Debbie did not blow everything away~!

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  1. Disney world is so awesome! And it's so true you can totally be a kid again at the disney parks. Jacob and I went to disneyland for our honeymoon and he was seriously running around that park like he was a 10 year old boy again!

    P.S. Hiva is as beautiful as always!