July 03, 2012

Rollercoasters With No Sleep Hurts the Head

After our week in Hawaii (way too short, we did not get to do all the things on our list or see all the people that we wanted to) we flew to Orlando, Florida to meet my family. We flew all night and arrived in Orlando at 0800, rented a car and went straight to Universal Studios for the Harry Potter Park.

This is the second time we have been to the Harry Potter Park and we liked it so much we wanted to go again. We knew which rollercoasters we wanted to ride first and how many times we wanted to ride them. It was a blast—HOWEVER, with NO sleep (sleeping on an airplane is a HORRIBLE experience for me) and a bit of jet lag the roller coasters gave us both such a bad headache—but that did not stop us!

We were excited that Madre and Kell could meet us there. The last time we saw them was over a year ago when they flew to San Francisco to meet us as we flew to Manila. They came to the theme park with us. Kell, who gets seasick really easily, even rode all the rollercoasters with us! He was a bit white when we finished each ride but he did not quit! Oh the sacrifices you make for your kids, eh?

We were excited to show Madre and Kell the Harry Potter park because they too have read all the books. Madre reads the books to her class at school every year. We all rode the rides, oohed and ahhed at the details that went into the park. From the snowing rooms to the talking paintings—it is amazing. And Lady Hiva’s favorite part is the Butter Beer. Of course it is NOT alcoholic, but it is something similar to a really rich tasting cream soda with fresh cream.

By the time it was 1730 all four of us were so tired we could not even function! We forced ourselves to ride a few more rides then went to the hotel to check in. Lady and I had been traveling for over 36 hours and FELT so gross! 
In the evening we ate with Madre and Kell at the Ohana Restaurant at the Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Whenever we go to Orlando, Lady and I make sure we go eat there. It is a bit pricey but it is all you can eat yumminess from the salad to the perfectly cooked meats to the delectable dessert (that we usually are way to full to eat but force ourselves to because it is a sin to not finish something so delicious). Our favorite though is the virgin Pina Coladas!  

In the evening Heather and her family showed up because they could not find a hotel to stop at on the way. It was SO much fun to see all the kids. Three of them came to stay in our room with us because Heather’s room was not going to be ready until the next day. A few hours later I went to go get Beau-D and Kalani and that too was good—We were all here. Everyone except Miranda and her family, we missed them the whole week!

The next few days we will be taking the kids to Disney World for their first time!

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  1. I remember your mom reading to our class :) I loved it.