November 10, 2012

Seeing the WEST….Cowboy STYLE~!

I grew up on a farm. Most people that meet me now never believe me. Especially if they see me at work everyday in a tie and suit. However, when we go back to Utah where I grew up, I am reminded of all the wonderful lessons and experiences of that upbringing.

Among other things, I learned to be a hard worker, to be creative, and to be appreciative of what we have. Lady Hiva and I were able to spend quality time with my family throughout the week; especially, with my younger brother Beau-D. He is 6 years younger than me so when I left the house he was only 11. Much of his high school and adult life I have lived in another State. I enjoy spending time with him and learning the about great man he is. At nights we all gathered and laughed and told stories as family and friends came and went. We missed having Heather and her family here with us.

We went on a ride through the breathtakingly beautiful Tusher Mountains. We were able to see snow, breath clean fresh air, watch wildlife in their element, and listen to the stunning silence.

Lady Hiva teasing Gunner

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle going hunting

On the day before we left we went on a horse ride—of course a trip to the WEST would not be complete without one. Beau-D promised us that it would be a “simple” ride for Lady Hiva’s first ride outside of a fenced in field. It was simple…simply real cowboy style!

When we arrived at the area, we waited for Madre and Kell to catch up and practiced shooting Beau-D’s pistol. See, I told you we went complete Western Style!

Beau-D Showing Lady Hiva tricks

Lady Hiva trying Beau-D's tricks

Once they came we all got on horses and headed up the mountain. Sadly, the Forest Service built a fence where our “simple” ride was going. We ended up riding down the road a little way and we went up our own trail! It took trail blazing to a whole new level! HAHA…Now, I grew up riding horses and it is like riding a bike, you get back on and it is all familiar. However, it was still an…exciting…experience. I was so proud of Lady Hiva and Madre for being willing to stick it out with us.

Getting Ready with Normy and Ginger

At one point the mountain was so steep that the horses were struggling to make it up the hill and were having to jump to keep moving up. I turned around and saw Lady Hiva behind me holding on for dear life as the horse jumped up and down with a steep cliff to her side. (The bad part about people reading my book that are not used to riding a horse, Lady admitted to me later that all she could think was the horse was going to fall off the cliff! Just to clear the air, that does not happen often, horses are pretty sure footed.) I was praying so hard she did not fall off…she didn’t! I went down to her and she got off to let the horse up the steep area and she was still brave enough to get back on at the top.

The easy part...

Madre climbing up after we all had gotten off on the Steep part

We finally made it up to the top, horses sweaty, we were sore, we all had bruises from trees hitting us and all of us had torn pants! Like I said, it was a true trail blazing experience! On the way back Madre even tried to be Tarzan and swing on the tree that her horse went under but she was hit by a branch. She too got back on and continued to ride—we have some tough women in our family. (I have to admit that once I knew she was ok, I could not stop laughing, she made a pretty graceful Tarzan…)

Dodging trees

Lady Hiva and I are still comparing our bruises! Evidences of a great time!


  1. That looks crazy but also a lot of fun.

  2. I once ripped a whole in a hoodie of yours when a stinkin horse tried to brush me off a tree, lol!