November 02, 2012

Utah Halloween Trip

Lady Hiva wanted to visit her family in Utah…I was ok with that, my family is there too. I asked her when she wanted to go, Christmas? Thanksgiving?...She said “HALLOWEEN!” AH…ok! The tickets are cheaper then anyway.

So here we are in Utah freezing our rear-ends off while we passed out candy…

It was fun to be here with the kids and see their excitement for the Halloween Holiday. We carved pumpkins, ate candy, made sugar cookies, and played card games well into the night. The day of Halloween we wore our jackets and the Dollar Store supplied masks for us while we Trick-or-Treat with all the nieces and nephews.

We had Superwoman, Batwoman, a bat witch, a gypsy, Yoda, a Zombie football player, a half-dead person, Batman, and the Hulk all walking with us as we went. We had so much fun! 

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  1. So fun! It looks like you had an awesome Halloween. Halloween is definitely not the same here, I think it's a great holiday to go back to the states for! I miss autumn and treat-or-treating in cold weather!

    I was thinking about you guys tonight because Alma said she invited you over to her place for a little picnic and pool party and I was hoping to see you there. We'll have to do something else soon. :) Are you guys still in Utah?

    Thanks for sharing your Halloween!