April 11, 2013

New Talent of the Week: Cake Decorating

So I told Lady Hiva if we ever need to have a second career, we could open a one-stop-wedding-shop. We have a Cricut and do all kinds of paper stuff, we do flowers, we do photos…and the newest on the list is cake decorating!

Lady decided that she wanted to take a cake decorating class that is offered at Michaels (we found it when we were there buying our sewing machine to do our quilts…yes, we have gone full on domestic. PLEASE rescue us if I put up a post about canning vegetables… LOL). Of course she wanted me to go along and so we went!

The teacher was late and a bit erratic and unorganized, but she was a cute little old lady so we forgave her. We took the class with 8 other people ranging from a 7th grader to mid-fifties. I wasn’t the only guy either…the 7th grader’s dad also came. All of us wanted to learn ‘the tricks of the trade’

As we got started, we found out that the Michaels worker that signed us up forgot to give us “the list” of things we needed to bring to be ready for the class. When we were supposed to get it out we realized we did not have it…luckily so did some other people. We all scrambled out to get them. They were so helpful and shared what they brought.

I realized we were in a class of serious people when it came to crafts. As we all talked about where they bought their cake decorating tools one of the people said, “I bought mine with a Michaels coupon for 50%” I was spared asking where they got the coupon because someone else asked. One lady said, “Online, they have deals every week, you just have to watch for them” and right after another lady pitched in, “They have an APP for it, if you download it, it keeps you updated.” Oh wow!

We learned about tools and the basics like “You need to pre-heat the oven before you bake a cake.” This is when I realized I take for granted I was taught to cook at a young age. We then practiced our simple “Stars” on cookies—that we borrowed from our friendly fellow student.

So for the next four weeks we will spend an hour at Michaels learning how to decorate cakes (I really just want to skip to the Fondant portion…but alas, you can’t skip a class! (What was I thinking?)) Hopefully next week, we will have more ‘hands on’ activities.  

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  1. Cake decorating classes are really worth it...shame you can't skip a lesson though :-)