April 09, 2013


 Lady Hiva and I both enjoy flowers and warm weather so we were SO HAPPY to have spring finally arrive! There is something wonderful about the beauty of nature.

Everywhere we go we are pointing out flowers to each other and saying something similar to: “Those are so pretty!” “Look at the colors” or “I wish we had our own place so we could plant flowers..”

As we were going around to different areas the last few days, I took the camera with me. Lady and I both took photos of the springtime everywhere! We even went out of our way to DC a few times with the sole purpose of seeing the famous Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin. I drove slow (I am sure the guy behind me was NOT too happy about that) while Lady leaned out the window with the camera to take photos. She cannot walk so a ‘drive-by shooting’ was all we could do. Luckily with a long lens and LOTS of tourists that randomly stop traffic to walk by, we were able to get some photos that we were proud of.
Tomorrow we want to take some food and a blanket and just sit and enjoy the area.

So, here are some spring flowers…I hope they will warm your heart like they warm ours!



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  1. WOW! Those are SO GORGEOUS! Did you or Hiva take photography classes?