May 08, 2013

Baby Tau’aho Update

The big news: WE HAVE MADE IT to 27 and a half weeks! 28 weeks here we come!

Those of you who have read WHITE LILIES IN AUTUMN  know that Vaitafe was born at 28 weeks. That was our next big milestone for Tau’aho. We know that a baby can survive out of the womb rather well at that point (minus the scary gram-negative bacteria that came well after he was doing alright). We hit 28 weeks on Sunday—Mother’s Day. Anything after that date is new stomping grounds for Lady Hiva. We don’t know what to expect.

This last week Lady Hiva has spent, much to her dismay, more time on the bed resting. We had a few days that she had some sharp pains and that is usually NOT a good sign. Luckily, she put herself on bedrest for the last four days, only doing the essential things and they seemed to stop.

The Braxton Hicks contractions have started and she is watching them closely. They normally start around this time, but for us EVERYTHING is scary and we find ourselves holding our breath often.

Today we had another doctor’s appointment and the cervix is still closed and not shortening! YAY! We were so relieved to hear and see that today. After this week we were really worried about what they would find, but the doctor said it “looks really good and that is pleasing.” Pleasing may not be a strong enough word for us, but it conveyed the idea—I would go for that is “AMAZING” or “EXCITING” or that is “WONDERFUL!” …or something cheerful and over-the-top corny like that.

So the journey continues. It is fun to see that Lady Hiva is starting to look pregnant more and more. She constantly says, “I feel HUGE!” I just laugh and remind her that she is pregnant and you are supposed to get bigger. We are both getting more encouraged as the days go on. She has started a “list” of things we will need to get. We already have some things left over from when Vaitafe was born and he never was able to use, so we just need to add onto that.

The doctor is having us come more often over the next few weeks  just as a precaution to watch the baby and Lady Hiva’s progression. Once we hit June 1 we will be into 31 weeks and counting! YAY!


  1. WONDERFUL! THAT IS AMAZINGLY EXCITING NEWS! :0) Really though, it is!!! AH! I am so happy to hear all is going so great! Way to listen and rest, Hiva! xox Keep up the updates!

  2. Happy to hear this. I hope everything goes well and awesome for you guys and the little baby.

  3. Exciting! So glad things are going so well. I hope Hiva stick to getting up and around only for the essential things!

  4. my heart is full of joy and gratitude for you two. we love you and baby Tau'aho!