May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

It is beautiful day in Washington, DC for Memorial day. On this day each year the Country sets aside time honor those who have died in their families and especially those who have served the Country and lost their lives. One of my favorite places in the DC area is Arlington Cemetery.  The flags are out and the greenery is gorgeous.

It is similar to the cemetery that I grew up near. The large, old trees shaded green grass and small flower patches. Memorial Day weekend the cemetery was always full of people paying respects to their family members and friends that have passed on. One aspect I learned to love the most were all the flags. Each veteran buried in the cemetery had a large American Flag posted near the headstone—a breathtaking backdrop for them to play morning taps.

This year we have several family members to honor. This is a day for us to remember our own family. It was special to have phone calls and photos from family members as they placed flowers on Trevor’s grave, Moana’s grave and especially the grave for our three children. We cannot be there to take care of it, but they thought enough to do it for us.

Today is our first daughter, Annie’s birthday/death  day anniversary. It is days like this that we are thankful for the knowledge we can been family forever.

We are also thankful for this current pregnancy and that baby Tau’aho has now been cooking for 30+ weeks! YIPEE! We never thought we would make it this far, but we have and we are still counting. All of those prayers, thoughts and positive energy that people have sent have made such a difference!

So on this memorial day, we have much to remember, much to be thankful for and most of all a chance to be with family that are still near us.

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