June 09, 2013

Harvesting in the Strawberry Fields

Some of our really good friends from Manila took their family to pick strawberries once they arrived here in DC. Lady was REALLY excited about that and found a place to pick some too! We ended up in Maryland at Butler Farms.

We arrived early in the morning (from the amount of people that were there when we left, morning is the definitely the BEST time to go) and waited for some friends, Chris and Jen, to join us. We made friends with, Denise, the handy Butler Farms expert. She shared stories about the farm, told us all the fruit and vegetables (peas, blackberries, cherries, apples, pumpkins, peas…I lost track after that) that you can get at their farm throughout the year and gave us tips on freezing strawberries.

We were assigned a row and spent the next hour or so picked—and eating—strawberries. They are so delicious.

We filled our tray that says it is an estimated 10 pounds, but it ended up being a whopping fifteen pounds because every time I stood up I would see more strawberries that were delicious looking. I couldn’t just leave them there! As we were leaving Chris said, “Dustin, just keep walking…you have enough!” haha!

Inside the “Barn” shop they have fresh produce and baked goods made from the fruit of season. The best part about it was taste testing it all!

When Lady Hiva and I arrived home we washed, hulled and layered all the strawberries. It was then that I realized how many strawberries fifteen pounds really is. WOW! We were both so glad to finally get to the bottom of the flat.

Thanks to Denise, we knew that if you just freeze the strawberries in a bag it is hard to get them undone when you want to eat them. So we used wax paper and layered them so the froze individually. It turned into a layered castle of wax paper and fruit. Denise was right, once frozen the strawberries went in and out of a ziplock bag with ease. We will now have fresh strawberries for our smoothies! Now if we could only find someone near by that grows mango! HAHAHA

Lady Hiva has already looked on the Butler Farms website to see what we are going to harvest next.

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