March 08, 2014

Women: Inspiring Change!

Today, 8 MAR 2014, is International Women’s Day. Each year the 8th of March celebrates this date. The United Nations comes up with a theme for IWD and this year the theme is “Inspiring Change.”

I think that this is a fitting theme for the year. I must tell you that I am a bit of a feminist myself. Meaning I believe strongly in the value of women and they must be treated as equals. I believe their dreams, aspirations, and beliefs should be fulfilled as much as any male’s should. Women’s contributions to our lives are unmeasurable and I believe they should be applauded for it.

That being said, I also truly believe it is a team effort. There are divine talents and skills that men and women have and as a team they make up two halves of a whole. For example, I am married to the AMAZING Lady Hiva. Those of you who know us can attest that we are very different in personality, perspective and background. Sometimes those differences cause us to do some mutual problem-solving, but for the most part our individual strengths contribute to being a stronger couple. We counter balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

The way I see it, Lady’s success is my success and her happiness makes me happy. And the opposite is also true, my success is in large part due to her influence and inspiration. There is a balance we work towards. Being part of a team doesn’t mean that one side is ‘giving in’ or ‘losing their independence’ it just means we need to work together in love and respect.

The contributions of women all over the world can be seen in our homes and as drastic as inspiring change in equality and culture. Lady Hiva and I saw that when we started the sustainable living project for battered anddisplaced women in the Philippines. It gave these women a way to create change in their own environment.

So today I celebrate the inspiring women in my life and around the world who make the world a better place. My heart aches for women in situations they cannot control nor escape. I pray for their peace and comfort until their day of liberation comes. I hope that I can do my part, as a man, to balance the inequalities and show my reverence for womanhood.

So happy International Woman’s day to you all…and especially my Lady Hiva!

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