March 03, 2014

Another Snow Day!

So this winter has been a snowy one. Our friends and families in northern, more cold prone, areas will tell us that we are being weak and whiny. Maybe we are. Lady Hiva and I haven’t been in cold weather for years!

The whole area shuts down on impending snow. This is has been the…who knows how many, I lost count…snow day this season. It feels reminiscent of our typhoon season shut downs in Manila. (not that I’m really sad about not going to work, I was scheduled to have an evaluation today…but get an extra day to not stress about it! HAHA)

The best part about being home is that I get to spend the day with Lady and Lucky. We decided today that we should take him out in the snow for a few minutes. He wasn’t sure what he thought about it all, but he sure looked cute in his rolly-polly outfit. (ok, I admit I think he looks cute in anything…but who doesn’t think their child is amazing?!)

He liked being outside, but he was not sure about being in a suit that he couldn’t move. We sat him in the snow and he started to fall backward but couldn’t do anything to stop himself. We had to get a few photos of him making a Lucky little snow angel!

Going over....TIMMMMBERR!

This is a you help him or take a photo first?.. moment. See where my priorities are..hahaha

But mom will rescue. Look at his disdain towards me

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  1. I love his squishy little face! Haha. We miss you guys!