May 25, 2014

Available on Kindle Again

I am happy to announce that after switching publishers, WHITE LILIES IN AUTUMN, the second edition, is available on KINDLE from Amazon! (in addition to the paperback copies found on Amazon, from Tate Publishers and Barnes and Noble)

Actually, it is still great to receive emails and texts from people that have read WHITE LILIES IN AUTUMN. I am most touched to hear their personal stories of triumph and overcoming a hardship. I am inspired by them. Recently, I had a mother who struggled to have children tell me that she was reading while running at the gym and had several people wonder why she was crying during her workout routine.

I had another friend I met while on my mission post a blog about part of the book that touched him. You can read it HERE.

If you haven’t read it yet, now is your chance!

Also, remember that COUNTING CANDLES comes out on 10 JUNE 2014! Only a few weeks away! You can reserve your copy today!

Other information on either book can be found at

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