May 10, 2014

We Brought the Rain With Us…

After a long rainy week in Washington, DC we were so happy to come to Istanbul and see the nice sunny spring weather…sadly, after one sunny day we have had another week of rain! HAHA. It followed us.

The locals tell us that it is a good thing because they had a mild winter so the rain is needed. I put my suit jacket in my bag and roll up my pant legs and off I go to work each day. Actually, the really steep hills in Istanbul are giving Lady Hiva and I some great leg and lung workouts. Going down isn’t too bad, but coming back up is!

We have put Tau’aho’s stroller to some good use lately. It is our cart for food and transporting packages and other items. The hills are so steep that sometimes we have to literally both push the cart to get up the hill! Our new sense of success is counting how many times less we have to stop on the way up and down the hill.

Today we were walking back in the rain and the locals (most likely knowing EVERYONE that walks on their street) stare at us and our homeless look. Just us out in the rain and our cart of food and items! Haha…

We promise when the rain settles a bit we will get out and get you some better photos of the area. For now we are getting used to the time difference and unpacking all our stuff. (WE HAVE SO MUCH STUFF!!! And we still have two more shipments coming!) Maybe we need to revisit President Hinckley’s challenge to simplify!

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