September 22, 2014

COUNTING CANDLES Nominated for a Whitney Award

 Photo: Dustin Bradshaw look what came into our pharmacy in Santaquin
One enjoyable aspect of being a writer is hearing comments from readers. I continue to receive emails, texts and comments about WHITE LILES IN AUTUMN and COUNTING CANDLES. There are a few book clubs that chose COUNTING CANDLES as their book to read and a friend sent a photo of COUNTING CANDLES on the bookshelf of the store where he works!

This week I was in a business meeting and one of my staff was trying to explain something and she said, “You know, just like Shamanda…” She had picked out on the characters from COUNTING CANDLES that she related to and used that as an explanation for her point. Now that is internalizing the book. I had not realized she even read the book!

Other comments lately include one reader’s note, “…I loved the story and message. Seems we all go through life never knowing whether the things we do and say have any effect on others. Too bad we don't think to let others know when they touch our lives for good instead of waiting until they are gone to express our appreciation. Your book has helped me realize I need to be better at letting others know when they touch my life for good.”

The biggest news of the past month is that COUNTING CANDLES was nominated for a 2014 Whitney Literary Award! The results will not be released until early 2015, but it is an honor to even be counted among the other books nominated! 
As always, thank you so much for the continued support and if you have comments about the book, I would love to hear from you.

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