October 08, 2014

Why Go To The Zoo When You Can Go to Grandma’s?

We had an unexpected trip to the States this last week. It was a world wind decision to go, but we are glad we did and we could see Utah and family when it wasn’t winter! (It seems like every other time we have been there lately it is snowing!)

I was so excited to have Lucky see all the animals there. He truly loves animals, especially dogs, and since we don’t have any here I thought he would love it in Utah with all the animals. But…there are always dramas.

We tried to get out of Istanbul…three times…before we actually flew out. Air France went on strike so they canceled our flights. We rescheduled to another flight but when we arrived at the airport at 0300 we found out that our tickets were done wrong and we missed our flight. They rebooked us for another flight in the afternoon. We lugged all of our stuff home waited for a few hours and lugged it all back. Only to find out that our tickets were wrong AGAIN. After 5 hours and several customer service people later, we had new tickets for the next day.

We went home and came back for the third time—it was either third times a charm or three strikes you’re out. I guess we were lucky because we made it on the flight. Tau’aho did well because there was plenty of places to walk and explore. He made friends with all the people along the way. Fun little kid.

We finally arrived in Utah disheveled, red eyed and stinky but our baggage did not make it. GRRR…we had to make a midnight trip to the stores for some clothes! But we were there.

We spent time with Lady’s family and Tau’aho liked all of the cousins. 

We then went to the country. In a few days’ time we saw chickens, miniature horses, normal sized horses, dogs the size of horses, rode go-carts, four wheelers, and lawn mowers. The Lucky Dragon wanted to experience it all. That made the whole trip worth it—even if we will be up all week because he has jet-lag!

Dolly and Buckstripe meet the Dragon

Meeting Minnie--one of Grandma's two HUGE Nuffies

The Lawnmower made a loud noise...

OK, it is not so bad

He was all about kissing...she wasn't so sure. But he held her there hahaha

Trying on uncle Beau-D's boots

Cooking with Grandma

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