December 09, 2014

Quick Trip to Bavaria

So earlier this week, some of our friends mentioned that they are going to Germany for a quick weekend trip. I happened to look up tickets and found some really amazingly priced tickets for the weekend. We booked them and two days later we were on a flight to Munich, Germany!

Tau’aho made all kinds of friends as we went—from running up and down the long airport corridor singing some random song of playing hard to get with people on the plane, he had people all over trying to get his attention. We had an uneventful trip to the airport and checked into a hotel.

That is when the fun started…the Lucky Dragon woke up with a small fever and angry. We gave him some Tylenol (that Lady Hiva had brought with her because she is amazing) and of course he hated that we were making him do that. He screamed his head off in anger as we put the liquid Tylenol in and then started to cough. I stood up to help him calm down. The crying and the coughing produced many tears and snot that started to gurgle…his gag reflex (he, unfortunately, inherited from me) kicked in and he threw up, which made him gag more and throw up again. I stood there covered in sticky white goo from my chin down to my knees (luckily it was not in my mouth) and he was still crying—now because he was covered in smelly goo too. After holding my  breath and thinking happy thoughts so that I did not join into the throw up charade, I decided that it is ALWAYS me holding him when this stuff happens! Haha

A quick shower and a late night order for more towels later, we were going back to sleep.

We woke up in the morning and drove through the flurries of white snow through the Bavarian countryside to Neuschwanstein Castle. It was magical to see all of the iconic villages along the way with white building accented with wooden and green edging. After waiting in line for tickets and a bus ride into the clouds surrounding the castle and rock cliffs around the city. It was beautiful. We walked up to the bridge to get a view of the Castle, but it was only fog. The view of the winter scene was specactular even if the Castle was hidden!

Wrapped in the famous scarf



 The tour of the Neuschwnstein was impressive. They have preserved it well, the ornate rooms were worth spending time to see. Sadly it housed a King who only lived in it for six months and did not have any visitors. Lady Hiva declared that it was their favorite European castle we have seen so far (she then clarified that it was her favorite after Buckingham). It was cold and we had forgotten a blanket for the Dragon. Lady purchased a scarf (hand woven) with little fur pom-poms it was SO expensive, but it kept little guy warm. After our tour we walked back down the hill and stopped for some delicious donut puffs from a street vender to tide us over until we could eat back in the village.

In the evening we went to the Munich Christmas Markets. We did not want Lucky to be cold so I put my coat on him and I wore some gloves, a cap and the expensive handmade scarf with fur pom-poms. It was quite the outfit for really cold weather. Everyone was shocked at my outfit—especially since I was wearing a pink shirt and had a scarf with pom-poms on it!  We wanted to get some winter pants for Lucky and we found some at a small little “mom and pop” store which was literally run by a cute old couple.  It was beautiful. There was a museums of smells—the warm drinks, the grills with meat, cinnamon and candied almonds, chestnuts roasting on the open fire (yes, cliché but true) and of course Christmas smelling potpourri. We wandered around, looked at the decorated booths and sampled the food. It was amazing. A long full day, but we liked it. 

My famous outfit

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