December 13, 2014

The Next Generations

One of the best parts of my job, and church, is when I get to work with youth. They are truly some amazing people—full of admiration, dreams and love life. In the past I have been able to talk with people of all ages about my job—from 2nd graders to young university students.

This past week I was able to talk to a group of teenagers from an international school and I was so impressed with their ability to speak multiple languages and their understanding of the world. They truly understood there are several opportunities in life for them to take, they just have to prepare for it.

The subject that I spoke to them about was culture and the importance of learning a foreign language. We laughed and laughed throughout the whole experience. My favorite part was hearing their questions and their perspective on what is happening around them. It shows me that despite all the hard realities that the youth have to face, they are really promising. 

I am not sure what was so interesting?

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