January 31, 2015

14 Year Olds and Energy

As you all know, one of my favorite aspects of my job is when I get to do some public outreach. I especially like to talk with younger crowds because they are so willing to learn and are excited about the future. Along with representatives of several countries around the world, I was able to go and represent the U.S. at a small conference for Junior High students. The topic was: Energy. YIKES!

Now, I like interacting with youth and can really talk with anyone on any topic, but talking about energy (or anything IT) may not be my most solid topics. Now, if it is energy as in eating and burning calories I could do that. If it is energy as in that is what powers my toddler—who seems to have endless amounts of it—I could do that too! However, this was energy as in global warming, petrol consumption and natural resources. Luckily there are plenty of talking points from the President and those close to him so I could gather some information and use that.

It turned out that I was paired up with a small group of bright youth. We were laughing and enjoying our time together soon. They had carefully crafted questions over the last month to ask me—no pressure. Haha.  I was glad that they also asked other questions about the United States’ culture, the people, the food and education. I must admit that I am a bit sad to see that the strongest association they had of the U.S. with fast food…does fast food really define America? On a side note, we had some great Turkish friends over to dinner the other night and they did not even know how to open a can because in Turkey they use all fresh ingredients (something that we have now began to do too).

I told these two that they were SERIOUS! They told me they were nervous, but I confirmed they were doing a GREAT job and went to give them a "high-five" or a "Chuck" in Turkish. They looked at me like-it-this-crazy-American-trying-to-give-us-a-high-five-on-TV?

I had so much fun. These young leaders were so impressive. It makes me happy to know that the next generations are ready to tackle the world and to be educated about it as they do!

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