January 19, 2015


Dustin Bradshaw Interview for COUNTING CANDLES with THE GOOD WORD

As a natural extrovert I am not one to shy away from attention (often to Lady Hiva’s embarrassment) and media interviews usually give me that “high.” Lately, I did my first media interview over the internet. Interacting on TV or Radio with someone sitting in front of you both have their quirks to get used to—

With TV you have SO much makeup on and the lighting in your face is hot and you have to ignore the HUGE cameras in your face. With radio you have to get used to talking to an audience that you have to imagine and interact with them. I had neither of those for this interview with THE GOOD WORD podcast about COUNTING CANDLES. The host Nick Galieti was fun to really talk with.

I must admit though that it is weird to hear my own voice though…

Let me know what you think! 

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