March 24, 2015

Czech the ‘Visit Prague’ Box

It was Lady Hiva’s birthday this weekend so we decided to celebrate in Prague, Czech Republic. I have always wanted to go there and the only way I could talk Lady Hiva into going was the fact that Poland was an hour drive away and we could purchase some Polish Pottery (that blog will come later). Either way, it was a win for both of us!

Of course now a trip would not be a trip without some sort of excitement along the way. With Lucky Dragon that comes in the form of poop, throw up, drool…rocks or anything else. This trip is was a combination of all the above. We were walking towards our early morning flight and Lucky boy was laughing as is normal happy self and laughed so hard he gagged on something and when he did that it gagged him more and soon as I was covered in curdled milk and chewed Dorito chunks. It smelled so horrible. The worst part? We had extra cloths for him but not for me so, me who has a gag reflex myself and an obsession with smells (especially not wanting to smell bad) had to wear my smelly shirt the entire trip! The first stop on the trip was to buy me a shirt because I only brought enough shirts for the exact amount of days we were traveling (Lady’s Birthday but I bought clothes…not sure that is the way it is going to work).

We really like Prague. It is a beautiful city. The old Gothic buildings mixed with the quaint pastel colored homes with red clay tiled roofs lined the winding cobble streets. It was fun to see that they were decorating for Easter celebrations that are coming up soon. We took time touring through the streets, shopping in the small boutiques and eating. 

Prague Clock tower

What does it look like on the inside?

Mr. Independent

Lucky Dragon's favorite food (aside from Broccoli)

We had several of the Czech desserts that was sweet bread wound around a large stick and roasted over hot coals. They then cover in butter and roll it in brown sugar, cinnamon and almonds. The first one we tried they put a layer of Nutella on the inside and as I was feeding Tau'aho it dripped and I went to wipe it off and it smeared more from my napkin that I did not realize also was covered in chocolate. That meant my second shirt for the day was completely ruined. So I had to put on the new shirt I just bought and go buy another one! SIGH... At some point we went into a chocolate shop and of course it was one of the many stops on the trip that Tau'aho was given free stuff. He loved the chocolate covered almonds with cinnamon dusted over it. He kept going back for matter how much I tried to distract him, he would find his way back.

Lucky Dragon could not get enough chocolate samples

We knew that we were no longer in Turkey when the Czech seem to put pork on EVERYTHING. Burgers with bacon, roasting pigs over fires on the sidewalks…in the potatoes, the sausage, and on salads…there was pork everywhere. I forgot how much people like pork! Hehe…it is amazing to see how much you become accustomed to the culture of the place you live. At one point we were in the town square and Lucky Dragon decided to chase the pigeons. He was laughing his head off. I could not help but laugh with him. Soon his infectious laugh had people stopping to watch him. We were surrounded by people enjoying him enjoy life. They were filming and taking selfies with him in the background. All I could think is, ‘I love this kid!’ I hope he never loses his love of life.

View from the clock tower

We took a walk—or two or three—across the famous Charles bridge. It looked so different depending on the time we were there. We hiked up to the top of the clock tower to see the view. We toured the historical Prague Castle and admired the beauty of the city. Both of us were so glad that we came. It was amazing. 

Prague Castle

Charles Bridge

Gates to Prague Castle

Prague Castle Cathedral Doors

One of the famous Gargoyles

Golden Lane of shops

Medieval Torture chamber

Lady and Lucky Dragon...I love these two

I couldn't help but put several photos of them...

This kid loves music...everywhere we go he is entranced by the musicians...After watching this he turned everything he saw over to drum on it

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