March 15, 2015

One Man’s Rubbish…

So Lady Hiva and I have not had a “project” for a few months so we both start getting itchy for something creative to do. We decided to take our trip out to Hak Art. We had been there before and saw how they produce items for Williams and Sonoma, HomeGoods and other stores. However, this time we went back to see the ‘old’ section of the warehouse.

These people have scoured Turkey and have some amazing pieces. Lady Hiva’s main goal was to a trunk and we found one with plenty of metal décor on the front. We also had them take a bakers dough rising box into a table. They do metal work there so they built the underside of the table and added the glass top for an small side table.

Lastly, we went through all the old doors and found a farm door with large rivets that we want to make into a coffee table. That should keep our need for new projects satisfied for awhile…now to find time to work on them! Hehe

As for an update on our Little Lucky Dragon, he is becoming so much more talkative. He knows the sounds that a dog, cat, duck, frog, cow, horse, sheep, pig, chicken and of course a dragon make. He calls all the men he sees “Abi” which is ‘big brother’ in Turkish. They love it. He is such a social little guy. When he sees someone for the first time he will say, “oh, HI!” And wave his hands.

He loves to say, “yellow” and every color he sees seems to be yellow. The first shapes he recognizes and points out are star and heart. I never knew how many advertisements, books and toys use those shapes until he started pointing them out. He will see one and start yelling, “A Stah! A stah!”

He can point out where his nose, eyes, ears, hair, feet, toes, fingers, hands, mouth and tummy are. Then he will cheer for himself when he is done showing us.

There is still most of his words that are gibberish and sometimes he resorts to grunting and pointing. I tell him that I will not answer him until he uses words and he will either go through a slew of words and then look at me with the why-are-you-not-doing-it-I used words look. Or he will pause and say thoughtfully, “I don’ know.”

He loves to laugh and is constantly on the go if he is awake. Much like many other boys he loves to laugh hysterically at any bodily noise—fart, burp, sneeze, you name it. It is a sure way to get a giggle out of him. Speaking of noises, everything he finds becomes a musical instrument. He dances and sings and drums away (Lady blames the noise making on me). We were over at some friends house and they had a keyboard and he starting to plunk on it and finally one of them asked, “You have him playing the piano already?” Haha…Apparently his playing sounded organized enough to be an actual song…

So the saga of raising a Lucky Dragon continues. We love this little guy so much, he brings so much happiness into our lives.

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  1. He is a charmer! A cutie lucky dragon. :)--ochie