July 15, 2015

The Torture of an Education

One of the heaviest tortures that one can choose put themselves through is going back to school while working full time. And that is what I did. This blog is a few months late because I have been busy with the move back to the States.

There are times that I must feel that I am not busy enough and I look for something to do…so after learning two languages and in the middle of moving around the world, I decided that I was going to put myself into a master’s program. Not only that, but I did the entire program in less than one year.  

Because I was working full time, I would come home and spend the last several hours with Tau’aho and Lady Hiva before he went to bed. Then I would write papers between 2100h and 0300h. (I guess you might as well do something productive other than sleep—right?).
This was my nightly position for several hours from 2100h to 0300h

Here are some facts from the program:
·         I had thirteen classes in all.
·         I wrote 54 papers over the course of the program.
·         Each of those papers were 12-40 pages each making over 600 pages and 250,000 words.
·         Smallest semester was 6 credit hours
·         Largest semester was 18 credit hours (that was CRAZY! And I would not suggest it to anyone).
·         GPA 3.9
·         Most disliked class was Statistics and Strategic Research—Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis.
·         Most liked class was the Culminating Project/Thesis on Leadership and Human Resources.
I was unable to attend the actual commencement exercises, but I did receive my robes and diploma so Lady Hiva took some photos for me. Could not miss a chance to celebrate! So I now have a Masters of Organizational Leadership from Regent University. 

So the hood isn't really a hood!

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