July 12, 2015

Waist deep in BUBBLES!!!

There are just some things in life that are bound to bring joy, no matter your background or age—sunsets, a smile, a much needed nap after a long day, the beach, fresh warm bread, a hug, and bubbles. Lucky Dragon LOVES bubbles and is so excited when we have them around. Anyone that follows the blog will know that wherever we traveled we took bubbles with us as entertainment.

I saw a discount for the Bubble Run in Salt Lake City—a 5k fun run—and decided to sign the three of us up (before I told Lady Hiva that we were doing it and luckily she said she would go). She even agreed to the run when we had to wake up really early to make it for the 0800 start time.

There were SO many people there and we were glad we went early because we could do the run and be done before it was too hot outside. We dawned our Bubble Run gear that included matching t-shirts and bandanas. We even had goggles for Tau’aho that he thought were novel for a few minutes and then refused to put them on again. And then OFF we went! They allow people to leave in waves, or groups, to space out the amount of people on the track. I carried Lucky Dragon on my shoulders for the run and Lady Hiva pushed the stroller.

The starting line

There were so many people there with their kids as well and we realized we should have told more people we were doing this because kids would have loved it. At several different places throughout the run there were “Bubble Pits” that had massive bubble producing cannons that emitted a steady waterfall of colored bubbles that you run through on your way to the finish line. This run was fun people because there were people of all shapes, sizes and abilities participating. There were people walking, in strollers, pushing friends in big tubs and above all else enjoying the experience.

Lady Hiva and I took turns taking Lucky Dragon through the Bubble Pits and he loved them! Although we did donate one of his shoes and his “train” to the race because they were lost in the bubbles to never be found! He would have so much fun walking through the bubbles that were to our hips but well over his head. At one point I was having to blow air in front of his face to keep the bubbles out of his airway! As the stroller would come out it looked like a large floating bubble until we ran enough for the bubbles to drift off and we would hit another pit.

As we came out, our shirts were multicolored, Lady’s hands and legs were pink, mine were blue and Tau’aho’s were yellow! (why each of us had different colors, I am not sure, but it was an odd site). So if you love bubbles, look up a Bubble Run in your area and make a family event of it!  

That is the top of Lady and Lucky Dragon's heads


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