August 13, 2015

Broadway Among the Red Rocks

A few weeks ago Lady Hiva and I decided to try and get a New York fix by traveling to…St. George, UT! In St. George there is the Tuacahn Theatre that is connected to the Tuacahn high school for the arts. Every summer the Tuacahn puts on three different musicals in the open air theatre.

We decided to go to the Tuacahn’s version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. As we were driving down to St. George and it started to rain! Rain so hard. Now if any of you have been to Southern Utah during August, you know that it doesn’t often rain, nor does it rain hard. This rain was so hard that the wipers would not keep up and there were flash floods everywhere.

We were not sure that we were going even have a show to go to because there was so much rain and as we said before, the theatre is outside. But the clouds opened up and we decided to go buy some jackets. Now we thought rain in Utah’s Dixie was rare…finding jackets was even harder. We had to laugh when we would ask the salespeople where the jackets were and they would look at us as if we had three eyeballs! Luckily, target had a few jackets in the clearance section that just fit—I felt like we were in Frozen there for a minute and found the one store with two jackets that fit perfectly when the random chill comes in.

The Tuacahn theatre is beautiful. The red rock canyon is a V shape that towers over the stage. The bleacher seating going up one wall and facing the other.

The show was fun and because it was outside they had fireworks, animals and plenty of other theatrical flares that you would not have otherwise.We fully enjoyed the experience and wished that we had brought Tau'aho with us. As much as he loves music and lights he would have loved the show. 


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