August 02, 2015

Lucky Dragon is 2!

Our little Lucky Dragon is 2 years old and is not so little any more. We decided to celebrate the day with him at Lagoon!

He just keeps growing which makes us happy and sad all at the same time. He is talking more and becoming more demanding about what he wants. It is a double edged sword because he knows what he wants and can tell us, but he just turns a bit bossy for a little guy. He loves to count and can count up to 20 with very minimal help (usually to make it through 16-18). He know all of his basic colors and will point them out as we go throughout our day. If we don’t look at it fast enough he will grab our faces and point us in the direction until we verbally acknowledge we see the “red” or “yellow.” We now have him sleeping on a twin bed in his room (mostly because the crib is still on a boat somewhere between here and Istanbul and the pack-and-play was too small. He adjusted really well, but we now have little feet coming into the room saying, “Momma, momma!” New phase of life…

He is obsessed with trains! He will spend hours and hours with his magnetic and wood train set. So of course we purchased him a train table for his birthday. It has provided hours of entertainment. He always has a train or two with him wherever he goes. I had to go back today into Nursery at church to rescue his "Koko" train from the bin of toys--he was devastated that the teacher had taken from him. She said, "Oh that really was his? He said it was but I thought it was the church's no wonder he was mad at me..." Sigh.

 It is nice when you purchase a present and it is a clear win! I hope that we can keep that streak going throughout his life. The only thing he seems to like more is Disney’s Big Hero Six. We literally watch it over, and over, and over and over. As soon as it ends he will request to “watch Baymak (Baymax)” until we restart it. Such an odd movie for a little kid to like, not Nemo, not Toy Story, and not Lion King like other kids…but Baymax!

In fact, to prove how much it has infiltrated our lives, he will do fist bumps now and you have to do the “falalalala” while raising your hand after like Baymax does or Tau’aho will fist bump you over and over until you get it right. And he loves to sing and I find myself often singing with him in public (not that I didn’t do that before...I just now have an excuse) and when singing Old McDonald I pause to let him pick what Old McDonald has on his farm. He has become creative lately and rarely is it a farm animal and now he will say, “Old McDonald has a bobot (robot)” and out of nowhere he will be playing trains and start singing, “bobot here, bobot der…”

Several hours later (at 0200h) I finally finished

He was SO happy!

Most of all, Tau’aho is full of love. Yes, he is sometimes the normal frustratingly whiny or obstinate toddler, we would be lying if we told you otherwise.  but for the most part he is happy and looking for someone to love. He passes out hugs and kisses to anyone that will take one. The other day I was walking with him in the mall and as we crossed the food court he waved to everyone on we passed and said, “Hello!” I enjoyed watching their faces light up with a smile and wave back. He is my Lucky little Dragon of cheer.

It was a fun day at Lagoon with him. We swam at the waterpark until his chin was quivering and he still didn’t want to quit. We rode all the of the rides that he could ride with us. He is still our little adrenaline junky. He didn’t like the rides he had to go alone. It was a day all about him, we paused to look at flowers, we ran up and down sidewalks, we ‘oohed and ahhed’ at whatever he wanted to ooh and ahh at. Of course he was the most excited about the train and we rode it several times and he could not contain his excitement to see all animals along they way.  I have to say that Lagoon does a good job. I am a Disney person and will always be, but both Lady Hiva and I were impressed with it.

Cheering, "Go Tau'aho, Go"

Looking for "teetles (turtles)

Riding the skyway...I have to say I was a bit nervous the entire time we were up there with him

You cannot see him, but he is in there with me

Lady Hiva and I are so happy to have this little man in our lives. He brings some much happiness (and a WHOLE bunch more baggage) into our home.

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  1. He is so cute! What a fun birthday at Lagoon! Enjoy every minute....they grow up way to fast!