March 05, 2016

Rugby in the Sun

Lady Hiva and I were able to join the Red Raider Nation again and watch some Kahuku Rugby--Women's Rugby that is. Lady's niece is playing on the team and I had some work meetings in the area so we were able to do both!

The weather in Las Vegas was beautiful! It was 75-85degrees the entire time we were there. Perfect weather. Now, I am not sure I would want to be there in the summer, if it is that warm now, it must be sweltering!

The trees were out in bloom and the grass was green, well the grass was green everywhere except where they played Rugby! There were people from all over the world in Las Vegas for the International Rugby tournament. In between those games there were youth games and 7s games (they play with 7 people instead of 15).

The first game Kahuku Women's Rugby played was from California, they won the National title several years in a row. It was a bit comical to see them line up (at the time I did not know that they were a ranked team). There were these Polynesian girls who are used to playing much larger competitors lined up with little white girls half their size. There were times one of the Kahuku girls were running with the ball and there would be 4-5 of the opposition trying to take her down. Locomotive in action! The game ended 30 something to 5 (I lost track after we were 20 points up).

You say you are hurt? You'll think twice about saying that again after mom comes to "fix" you..hehehe

They can't stop her!

The game the next day the teams were more equally matched size wise. However, the Locomotives still trucked on~! We cheered and cheered as they did really well. The ending score was 49 to 5 and the ambulance had to come once because one of their teammates was downed by a Kahuku Locomotive (she ended up being fine)...chuga, chuga, CHOOCHOO!

Wal-mart clearance section had umbrellas for $8! Woohoo...

We screamed and yelled and most likely embarrassed Lady's niece, but we had fun!

Go, Lila, Go!

They can't take her down!

Still going! Go, Lila, Go

Lila even does face-plants with style!

45 minute unscheduled break

Apparently, the girls give gifts to each other after the games (the guy teams don't do this...)

Laie Guy's Rugby team congratulates the Kahuku Women's team

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