March 24, 2016

From the Ashes...

As cliche as it sounds, this last few months we have seen beauty rise from the ashes. The Provo City Center temple now accompanies the already existing Provo Temple making it the only city in the world with two LDS temples. Meaning a city proper not a metropolitan area. Salt Lake Metro has several LDS temples, but only one in the city limits.

The Provo City Center Temple was rebuilt after Provo's historical tabernacle burned to the ground in 2010. All that was left was the masonry exterior walls. In another historical decision, President Monson, the leader of the LDS Church announced the tabernacle would be built into the second temple in Provo.

Here is a link about the history of the Provo City Center Temple and how it came to be.

The temple was lifted up on stilts and a parking garage and a foundation were placed underground. We were lucky that we have been here to watch the finishing touches of years of work. It has been fun to teach our Lucky Dragon about temples as we drive by it everyday. The other day he stood on top of the box outside and exclaimed, "Look Dustin!" (Yes, he calls me Dustin now...must be a phase) "Look! I am a temple!" and he help his hand out like he was trumpeting as the iconic Angel Moroni statue that adorns the temple tops.

His love for the temple increased as we went to the Open House where they invite anyone that would like to tour an LDS temple see the inside before it is dedicated as a temple. We were able to go through several times with any family member or friends that would come with us. It is a gorgeous building with rich colors and dark wood Gothic style architecture complimented with white raised wallpaper and arched ceilings. The stained glass windows also echo cathedrals and castles of Europe.

We cannot take photos in the building (sad when you consider how beautiful it is and how much I love to take photographs. But here is a link to photos and video of the Provo City Center Temple. 

Tau'aho loved telling people he was going to "Jesus' House" and as we walked through the temple rooms he would think out loud at what he was seeing. He smelled the artificial plants (that look real) and exclaimed "They smell like DIRT!"  He would point to the crystal chandeliers and tell everyone around him that the "birthday cake is upside down!" Yes, this little guy keeps us on our toes.

Lady Hiva and I even had a chance to be ushers one day at the temple. She ran the elevator (which was not something I was willing to do. With my claustrophobia I VERY seldom will use elevators and I especially would NOT volunteer to stand in one for 4 hours straight!) Instead I controlled the line outside and felt my training working at Walt Disney World 11 years ago came in really handy! People were standing in line nearly 2 hours to make it into the temple for a tour.

Needless to say, we are so happy to have the temple in our neighborhood and to see that like in life for us, when we get beaten down and struggle, we too can be reborn and be beautiful, whole and peaceful again.

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