May 22, 2016

Every Rock on the Trail

One of the traditions at church is that each congregation will take a weekend and go on a camp out with the "guys." It used to be called Father's and Son's but with the realities of diverse family situations we referrred to it as the Ward Camp (Ward is the term for congregation in the LDS Church).

Of course, the weekend they picked was raining and really windy! As Lucky Dragon and I were getting ready the rain was coming down really hard outside the house and the trees were doing some crazy dancing in the wind. Lady Hiva asked several times if I was sure we should go. But we tried anyway.

Decked out in gear that looked like it was winter, we set out to a nearby canyon called Hobble Creek Canyon. As we drove, Tau'aho told me so many stories (ones that he was making up). As we drove farther into the canyon he started to get really excited, "Daddy (he is back to calling me daddy instead of "Dustin" again), where is the waterfall?" He was wondering  because when we drive up Provo Canyon we always point out the waterfalls that we pass. Then he said, "Are we going FISHING!!? I want to go fishing!" Poor guy was sad when I told him we were not going fishing! He must have really liked to fish. He has been begging us to have fish for dinner all week--something both Lady Hiva and I have found excuses to avoid haha.
He could not pass a dandelion without making sure every seed was off of the stem

He then spotted off in the distant mountains fingers of snow trailing down the peaks, he said, "Look! I see a waterfall!" I told him it was snow and he promptly said, "Like on the North Mountain? Is Olaf over there?" Oh boy...the influence of Disney.

Once at the camp we went for a hike. We did not bring up a tent because it was so stormy in the valley, but there was no wind or rain up in the canyon. Should have brought the tent! While everyone else was struggling over their tents we walked up the creek towards the summit. It was beautiful to see how green it was after a few days of rain--something you don't get often in the desert of Utah. Lucky Dragon loved seeing all the of the trees and running up ahead of me. He would yell as he went along, "I am FAST like a cheetah and bumpy like Mongoose!" (Mongoose is the name of our car that he believes is part of the family. He will even tell you that the family is Mommy, Daddy, Tau'aho and Mongoose. He demands we tell the car goodbye and I love you when we leave it).
"Can't Catch me Dad! I'm FAST like a cheetah and bumpy like Mongoose."

We stopped to be "a statue" on a tree stump and he loved throwing rocks into the creek. Literally, I think he thought it was his mission to throw in every. single. rock. on. the. trail. into the creek. I would try to get him to move along and he would say, "Wait! I'm not done!" and would scour for more rocks, even digging them out if there were not enough loose rocks. I was entertained by his laughter at the splashing and his narrating the experience. It was also interesting to see the way that he is ambidextrous and would throw with both hands--that is one trait he got from me that Lady Hiva doesn't make fun of! (Others being a gag reflex, crooked teeth, and talking too much!)
Playing Statue

If he wanted to throw in all the rocks...he has a LOT of work ahead of him

We ended the evening talking with friends, shooting a compound one of the neighbors had brought and roasting marshmallows by the fire. We truly do love this kid so much. His love for life is contagious.
Learning about "Potato Bugs" and the way they protect themselves. He was mezmorized

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