May 15, 2016

Fish Stories

So these two people that I live with decided they wanted to be fisherman. Tau'aho got the idea in his head from his mum when they visited a nearby campground and watched people fishing and kept telling us that he wanted "to go fishing."

When we found a Lightning McQeen fishing pole he was hooked on the idea. So we bought Lady Hiva a pole and a license too. And Saturday morning we shirked our chores to hit the water (We fell into that fisherman's dilemma quickly! haha).

As we were driving up the canyon I heard Lady Hiva watching a Youtube video about how to set a line and fish! WHAT?!?! Hello, after going on 9 years of marriage she STILL doesn't trust that I know how to do things! haha.

We went to Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. It is a large pond they stock with fish for children to fish. Sadly, it was a bit warm for the fish to bite, so we ate our lunch, or as Lucky Dragon puts it, "had a picnic." We went back home to do those chores we neglected and went back fishing again in the evening! Yes, twice in a day.

The evening fishing was, by far, better. Between Lady Hiva and Lucky Dragon they caught six fish! He would reel in the pole and get distracted watching the fish fight. We would have to remind him to keep reeling. He had so much fun. We literally sat there for several hours and he would have stayed longer if it did not get dark.

We ended up keeping two of the large fish to gift to Lady Hiva's family (neither of us eat fish) and when I went to gut them she, again, asked incredulously if I knew how to gut a fish! Seriously, it is good I have some sort of proud ego or she would wound it permanently! haha. By the time we finished the day and she was begging to stay longer she admitted that I knew what I was doing and they she had fun! Thank you, thank you!

So I can see Lady Hiva and Lucky Dragon up fishing more often. A new hobby for the family I guess.

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