June 11, 2016

A Trip To Zion

Zions National Park
One of the places that I loved as a child happens to be one of the most traveled National Parks--Zions. It was time that we introduced Lady Hiva and Lucky Dragon to the steep colorful cliffs and beautiful hikes.

Madre and Kell joined us for the trip and it was fun to have them all to ourselves for the day. There is no cell service there so we literally had them to ourselves a bit by force..hehe.

We worried that it was going to be really hot and crowded with the summer started. However, we were pleased that neither was the case. There were plenty of people there--it was nice to see all of the diversity--but it was not too crowded. It was also overcast so although warm, it was not too overbearing. We had so much fun hiking.

We did the overlook at the top of the tunnel, we also did Emerald Pools and hiked as far as we could go up the canyon towards the Narrows. We will have to go back another time and do that whole hike. Another hike I tried to talk Lady Hiva into doing was Angel's Landing...she was not convinced walking up a steep cliff with only a rickety old chain to keep you from blowing off a 4 foot platform and becoming an angel ( next time)
In the tunnel

Tau'aho was such a trooper. He loved being outside and with us and his grandparents. He talked the whole time and walked for most of it. As we finished a hike he would proclaim that "we hiked so well!" He would also say "hello" to everyone that we passed and as we walked on he would tell me (rather loudly) "I said hi to that guy/girl" and I could hear them laughing because they heard it too. Other times he would boss me, "There's a guy coming, say hi to him."


He was especially obsessed with seeing cactus and would point out everyone that we saw--and there are A LOT of them. I never realized that until I had a 2 year old pointing each of them out to me. haha. We saw lizards, snakes and plenty of squirrels!

It is a truly beautiful place. There is plenty to do. We will be back when we can.


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