June 05, 2016

Cheering for Our Champion

 This weekend we were all able to don our yellow "Coburn Bradshaw" shirts and cheer for him. If there is one thing that his success has done, its made Lady Hiva and I rodeo going people (something that may not have happened otherwise).

It is always fun to be around all of the family and have a chance to scream and yell like crazy people. (Something we do usually, but this time it is justified).

The lineup for the National Anthem

From the Program

As we were getting ready for the day Tau'aho became obsessed with CoBurn. He asked questions about CoBurn being a "real cowboy" and when I was dressing him he wanted to wear pants like CoBurn wears. (Note that we don't own Wranglers so I am glad he settled on a pair of blue jeans). He was excited to go and watch. Everyone we passed he would tell them that is where he was going, "to watch CoBurn ride wild horses!"

As with the last several rodeos that we went to I was impressed by the reverence for the U.S. National Anthem and that they always begin with a prayer. I guess I admire that because there just doesn't seem to be that same reverence many places anywhere else.

We all sat and laughed and talked through the other events. We were there to cheer on our champion! In fairness we cheered for his in-laws too, who are some of his best competition. His first ride the horse fell down (LAME) so we was able to have a re-ride. It is always fun to watch what happens in those 8 seconds. So much adrenaline.
Wresting the calf...they run out and jump off their horse to wrestle the calf down

Team Roping. One has to rope the head and the other the two back legs

Bareback riding

The thing that impresses me the most about CoBurn is how humble and loving he still is even though he is well known in Rodeo circles. As we left the rodeo we were able to see him backstage and he is the same calm, even tempered guy that we have always known. It makes me proud to where a bright yellow shirt with his name on it (even though I may be a disgrace to him at a rodeo with his name on my shirt and dressed like a 'city person' with shorts and slippers).
Jake Wright

Rusty Wright

CoBurn's First Ride

The horse decided to do a faceplant

Ride #2

As we were driving on the freeway today there was a large billboard announcing a Tim McGraw concert and Lucky Dragon say it and yelled, "Hey Mama! There is CoBurn!" Then as we walked into Church there was some dead cut grass on the sidewalk that was brown and a bit clumpy, he said, "Daddy, there is some yucky from the rodeo. It came from the Cowboy's boots." Needless to say, I think he has a love for CoBurn and Beau-D, the two people who he feels are real cowboys. We may just have to get him some boots and a cowboy hat!

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