July 10, 2016

Legos are Life

The last few months our little Lucky Dragon has been obsessed---OBSESSED--with Legos. That makes me happy, because it gives me a chance to enjoy a favorite passed time of when I was younger. Little did we know there is a Lego culture. For me Legos are a chance to explore creativity and building.

We watched a Lego documentary on Netflix (first documentary our 2 year old sat through the entire thing and watched as if it was Disney Junior). On that we learned there are classifications of Lego fans. There are AFOL: Adult Fan of Legos. TFOL: Teen Fan of Legos and CFOL: Child fan of Legos. So we were labeled. Apparently, I am an adult fan of Legos. haha.

Lady Hiva has also caught the Lego 'bug' because everyday I would come home and the two of them would show me the newest Lego set they had bought or talk about their trip to the Lego store. It was been fun to be challenged by my little guy to build things for him--a Mack (from Cars) or a robot. I then realize I am enjoying the process as much or more than him!

On the documentary we also found out there are Lego conventions. We looked and a there was one here in Utah so, of course, we signed up and went. He had SO much fun. In the middle of the room there is a Lego "pit" full of thousands of Legos that you can build and create. He could have stayed there forever. We built a car together and raced it down the ramps with the other children.

He was so excited he would not hold still

Displayed around the room are Lego creations that people have worked on. It is impressive. It made me want to build some too. They had creations of Disneyland, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Book of Mormon, the Salt Lake Temple, and lots of Star Wars (that was not as impressive to us as none of us have ever seen Star Wars). It made me want to be creative too! I could take this AFOL situation to an all new level! haha.
Only in Utah would the Lego display have Missionaries

Cut Throat Kitchen

Camp Half-blood


I am happy to start the phase of loving things my son loves. To promote his creativity and love for life. We can be friends!

Hunger Games

He was SO proud of his creation

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