July 17, 2016

Raspberry...(They tell me its RAZZ-berry) Picking

So people tell me that I have an accent. In fact, A LOT of people tell me that. Not sure why. I don't think I have an accent. But most people think I am from Canada with Western Ireland being the close second. Recently, at work they were discussing raspberries and it became a huge discussion of mirth to hear the way I say raspberry--apparently it is RAZZ-berry. (Even though there is NO Z anywhere in the word).

Despite the way i say the word, Lady Hiva and I took Lucky Dragon to a raspberry farm, Perry's Berries, and picked from the large raspberry bushes ready and ripe. As soon as we saw the farm he came out and said it was "his farm." He talked the whole time (of course) we were picking. About the bees, the butterflies, the mud, the raspberries he was picking and any other random conversation his little mind could conjure up.

There were several ripe raspberries, with hundreds more soon to be ready. It took some time to help Lucky Dragon understand that just because it was big does not mean we should pick it--it needed to be big AND red. By the time we were done we had several cartons full of beautiful red raspberries speckled with whole bunch of white and light pink ones!

We came back home and Lady Hiva set to finding delicious ways to use the raspberries. She and Tau'aho used some of them to make a homemade French Raspberry Tart. He was so proud of it! "Daddy, we made you a cake!" He repeated it over and over until I tried some. They also made a two layer chocolate raspberry cake--luckily he did not demand that I try that one! Although Lady Hiva declared the homemade cake was "the best she had ever tasted"

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