September 02, 2016

Fresh Apples For the Win

Over the last few months we have tried to see more of Utah and enjoy where we live on day trips. One of those stops was in Santaquin, UT at the Red Barn.

I remember when I was younger Santaquin--in south Utah county--was a place of orchards. I liked to see the patterns of the lines of trees that were so perfectly planted they looked lined up no matter what direction you looked at them. Then they started to build houses--what a travesty! haha.

There is still quite a large set of apple trees there. The Red Barn is one place you can purchase locally grown fruit and products. We drive by it every time we go South. It cannot be missed among the fields of trees along I-15. All three of us love good apples. (our favorite is a breed from New Zealand, Pacific Rose. Sadly, they are only available in Utah certain times of the year). We stopped to buy some fresh fruit.

Little did we know the day we just happened to stop by as we passed, was the Red Barn's yearly celebration! We bought apples and peaches and perused other fruit that was available.

The rest of the store includes homemade pies and jams. There was a really long line for ice cream and a small shop for toys and games for kids.

We didn't stay long because I think the entire town of Santaquin was there trying to buy fruit and other items in between competing in the "Regional Cherry Pit Spit Competition."

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