December 22, 2016

Christmas Village in the North

It has been an interesting week as the Christmas Season winds down. We have tried to see as many Christmas Lights as possible. We have found some really festive streets throughout the Salt Lake Valley. It makes me wonder if they have to agree with decorating for Christmas before they bought on the street...maybe we need to find a street like that to live on! 
The Reindeer at the mall

One night we were out on the Freeway coming back from one of these light seeing trips and our back tire blew! Ironically we were just pricing out tires an hour before that and here we were on the Freeway in the cold changing a tire. I am glad we didn't roll or that Lady Hiva was not by herself when it happened. Blessings  I we got those new tires! HAHA
He wanted a photo with "Mongoose's new tire!'

The doughnut we drove on for a few hours 

Lady Hiva also found a Lego Advent Calendar. Everyday we have counted down until Christmas with building a Lego scene, day by day. Lucky Dragon loves it. He looks forward each evening to choosing the right drawer and building it together. We love it. 

We even made a trip to Ogden, just north of Salt Lake City to see their Christmas Village display. It was fun to be there. They have a firework display of lights in each tree and there were about 50 different little cabin-like huts, each decorated with a themed version of Christmas. 

We had fun walking around and exploring it all. It is fun to see how much Christmas spirit exists in people. 

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