December 10, 2016

Joining the Real Cowboys and Cowgirls At The National Finals Rodeo

For the second year in a row we went to the NFR! Think big rodeo! Competitors work all year around to qualify for the two week experience and at the end the world champions are crowned. We have been waiting all year to be there again to cheer on CoBurn and as Lucky Dragon says, "CoBurn's friends."

CoBurn Carrying the Utah Flag

Quinn Kesler proving you can take a "2 year religious break" from rodeo and still come back and be one of the best!

It was so much fun to be there and see all of the competitors. There were cowboys and cowgirls from Brazil, Canada, France and all over the United States. It was really exciting to see that even our home state of Hawaii was represented! Poor guy, instead of playing Country music over the jumbo-tron when he rode, they played some corny "Aloha music." HAHA...

One of the benefits of the NFR is that it is filmed and therefore, they keep it on time. It goes by quickly with one event spilling into another.

As always, I love the patriotism and love of God throughout the experience. There are parts of this Country background that I could admire and respect...only parts of it though--don't expect me to be in boots or a 5-gallon hat anytime soon! ( can ride a horse in running shoes!)

Thanks, again, CoBurn for allowing us to get decked out in our CoBurn t-shirts and sweater shirts to cheer you on!

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