March 31, 2017

First of Many Lucky Dragon Graduations Completed!

Lucky Dragon has completed his first, of what we hope is many, graduations. This was a graduation from Preschool. It was fun to see him all dressed up in his cap and gown.

All year he has been with a small preschool group and has loved the social interaction. It has not been the most challenging for him intellectually, but it was worth the socializing. As they learn letters and shapes (things he learned a long time ago) he is excited to have songs to show what he learns. He has been more invigorated by the lessons about the world, the body and the solar system.

Little Koala Bear supporting her brother
He has made friends over the year and it has been fun to hear his stories about them. The other day he was telling us that the lesson was on animals and pets and they all shared what their pets are. He told us in detail what each person's pet was. I asked him what he said and in an adult-like matter-of-fact way he replied, "I told them that I just had a stuffed turtle as a pretend pet." Both Lady Hiva and I burst into laughter which was confusing to him because he was serious. (If you look closely that turtle even made it to graduation)

They sang songs for us that they learned throughout the year (which he kept saying, "Sing Dustin!" outloud)  and showed off some of their work. Lady Hiva may have had to bribe him to keep his gown on for photos. He was in protest and kept saying, "I just want to be myself." What a lesson in life, only if we all wanted to just be ourselves and were comfortable with that.

He was SO excited for his leis. Especially the flower lei because it smelled good.
He was so tired but was willing to "smile" for me still

Some of our ward members came to support Lucky Dragon

I am proud of our smart little guy and how he has grown. I hope that he always has the love for life and learning that he always does. We hope to have many graduations in the future.

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