March 05, 2017

More Milestones for Malia

Our little Koala Bear has hit some milestones this week. One was planned, the other was quite a surprise! The surprise rolling over! Yes, she completed her first roll over. 7 weeks into life she has started to roll over.

The first time it happened we were shocked. We had her on the ottoman on "tummy time" she was A.N.G.R.Y face! Lady Hiva and I were both watching as he would push her way up into a plank position and scream (in a loud, non-koala like way). Then as if in slow motion we both watched as she rolled over onto her back! We started to laugh in surprise and assumed it was a fluke. But the she has continued to do it! She will scream and scream then once she has successfully rolled over to her back he is fine again! So here's to not having tummy time on the ottoman!

She has also started to smile back at us when we smile. This is no the gas grimace or other versions of a faux smile, she genuinely smiles when we are talking with her. It is fun to see her growing and developing.

The other big milestone was her "Blessing." In the LDS Church blessing a baby is similar to a Christening for other religions. The baby is given a blessing and a name for the records of the Church. The big difference between an LDS Baby Blessing and a Christening is that there is no water in a Blessing, the water is included at baptism time 8 years old or older. So today we were joined by a group of family and friends to celebrate our little Koala Bear in our family.

This celebration was complete with food (as any good Polynesian celebration). We had several families members pitch in to help us prepare. Even the Lucky Dragon was put to work. His major role was the drinks. He was so proud of himself of how well he stocked the cooler. Those drinks were in such straight rows. Talk about a meticulous toddler!

Tau'aho took this photo of us while we de-boned chicken

So..Happy Blessing Day Malia! Welcome again to our family!

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