December 27, 2017

Do You Want To Make A Latke?

In Pre-School during December Lucky Dragon was learning about holiday traditions from around the world. He really latched on the the idea of Hanukkah. He has been talking about Latkes for weeks. It was only made more intense when Disney's Puppy Pals did an episode about Hanukkah and they made Latkes. There is even a song...that we now all know by heart.

So the other night we gave into his pleading and did our research about how to make Latkes. We found a traditional recipe--very simple--and went to work. He had so much fun making them. I even went out and made a homemade version of a Menorah. (Now, I made a traditional Menorah with 7 candles as it describes in the Book of Exodus. However, as we were reading more about Hanukkah I found out that the Hanukkah version has 9 candles and the 7 candle version is only for the temple...therefore I apologize to all of our Jewish friends. No disrespect was intended.) It is not as pretty as a real Menorah--we will have to get one so we can do this again next year the right way.

As we talked about why there are 9 candles Lucky Dragon was excited because on the Puppy Pal episode the neighbor explained that their "ancestors had a miracle and the oil for one day lasted for 8." This little guy keeps us going! He is so smart and misses nothing. 
He wanted to watch the song about Latkes from Puppy Pals as we ate!

So we talked about the miracle behind the candles and how the temple was invaded and only one cruse of oil was untouched. It was to only last a day, but lasted for 8 until new oil could be blessed. It was an amazing chance to talk about miracles and how Heavenly Father loves all of us--even when we have different religions and beliefs.

And you know what? We all really liked the Latkes, we may make them more often. Lucky Dragon asked for them at every meal for the next two days!

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