December 25, 2017

What's Christmas Eve Without A Liittle Blood--Or A Lot?

What is Christmas Eve without a little blood--or a LOT of blood! We made it home from a family party late. By the time Lucky Dragon had made his cookies for Santa and Carrots for the Reindeer (I tried to tell him Santa wanted carrots too, not cookies...but Lady Hiva ruled that out haha) it was late. I was trying to hurry and set things up so we could go to bed.

He is getting really good with his writing

Add a carrot for a reindeer, eat a carrot...add a carrot, eat a carrot

The first gift I had to set up (the rest were already wrapped) was a white stuffed animal rocking horse for Koala Bear. There was an awkwardly placed thick zip tie along the handle bars. I pulled out my super-sharp-and-new-buck-knife and when it finally broke through the tie the momentum continued and I cut deep into my thumb. I knew it was bad as soon as I did it. I felt like it went all the way to the bone by my knuckle! Blood started to spurt EVERYWHERE! (brings back memories--see the  White Lilies in Autumn chapter on amputating my fingers). Luckily, I have always been calm during intense situations and within a few seconds I was clamping my thumb and running to the sink. Lady Hiva asked if I had cut something off.

I knew it was bad because blood was dripping down my my arms and through my fingers. That could also be because I cannot grip ANYTHING with my right hand! I tried to see how bad it was but as soon as I let off my grip blood started to spurt again. I stood there at the sink holding it until Lady found which ERs were open at midnight on Christmas Eve and then she bandaged it up well enough for me to drive.

Lady Hiva finished putting together all of the presents as I drove. It was an awkward drive in the snow--so yes, we had a white Christmas, but I needed to drive with both hands because I did not want to wreck, but holding with my left hand was not so easy. I watched on Zoom (similar to Facetime) as Lady continued to work and I sat there in the ER waiting for the doctor. The first thing she did was use Clorox wipes to get the blood off of the white horse and the Turkish rug!

The result was 6 stitches. It was a bit lame to tell them I had cut myself while playing Santa! haha. They had a good laugh that I was out in the snow with slippers and a shirt that had Pua stickers (from Moana) all over it (left over from Lucky Dragon decorating me at dinner). They gave me a local anesthetic and he started to stitch. It was NOT working. He said I would not be able to feel it...I felt it all. My toes were curled, I was gripped the bed and my legs would wiggle to stifle the pain as he gave the stitches. The doctor said, "I can tell you can feel all of this!" Yes, yes I can! It was not until the last one that it was actually numb. 6 stitches and several jokes later I was back in the snow storm to join Lady Hiva She had all of it ready by the time I arrived home.

Christmas Morning was fun. Lucky Dragon was so excited. He has been counting down how many "sleeps" there are until Christmas for the last few weeks. It was so cute to see how happy he was that Santa ate his cookies. Thanks to Cars 3 merchandise we had plenty of excited moments with each opening.

He already had most of these cars...Santa just staged the track

Best buy of the day! She loves remotes...this was as hit!

I am ambidextrous, but the last 12 hours have reminded me how many things I do with my left hand...including type. Should make work interesting.

Merry Christmas everyone. If you are like us, we have several things to be thankful for!

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