January 16, 2018

Our Pachita Bonita Koala Bear Turned One!

We cannot believe that our little Pachita Bonita Koala Bear has turned one year old! She came to us in such a small little package, but has proved to be an integrated part of our family. All three of us love her unconditionally.

She loves to laugh and her brother gets her to laugh the most. She is independent. She wants to feed herself. If we put something into her mouth she will take it out, look at it and put it back in on her own. (You can only imagine what that looks like when it is yogurt! haha). I have just started to place food on her tray and let her go to it instead of trying to get her to eat it the way I want her to. The other day Lady Hiva was eating a corndog and handed Koala Bear a bite of it and she refused to eat it. Instead she grabbed the whole corndog and went to town!

She is a morning person--such the opposite of her brother who is a night owl and complains in the morning like a teenager that he has to wake up. She chatters and sings and laughs. Those are fun moments for us. At night it hits her bedtime and she lets us know it is time to be D.O.N.E! I guess, in some ways, it is nice that we get alone time with Lucky Dragon in the evenings and Koala Bear in the morning.

We have learned she loves music. She will dance and clap and have true joy when good music is playing. Now, let's hope that continues to develop and her dance skills improve because at the moment she dances too much like me and that is NOT a pretty sight! haha...but for a little one year old it is endearing.

We spent the evening together (I had to work...LAME). Lucky Dragon chose the decorations and the colors of the cake. We sang Happy Birthday to her several times because she was loving being in the attention of all of us and she clapped along as we sang.

Who knows what the next year brings with this little one, but we are excited to see her grow. She has changed so much even over the last few weeks. She is starting to look like a little toddler and less like our chubby little baby!

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