February 11, 2018

Tea Party In Utah Complete With Fascinators and Macarons

This past week Lady Hiva and her Relief Society Presidency put together a tea party for their group at Church. It was a fun day. Lady Hiva and I prepared for a few weeks prior including going to consignment shops to find tea cups because we don't have any. That was not an easy experience in Utah because tea is not a big thing around LDS people! haha.

They day before Lady Hiva and got into our team creative mode. I sewed a banner using scraps of material from other projects while she baked chocolate macarons and sugar cookies.
Laying out the scraps to sew together

Making Macrons

Later, we decorated those cookies. That was really fun to do. Except for when one of the cookies I had decorated really detailed was ruined with a glob of icing from another cookie! I was so irritated! But it gave Lucky Dragon a cookie to each the next day. He was grateful.

The blue blob and ruined my cookie

Making Cake Pops...they look like meatballs to me

The day of, more preparation ensued! I baked red velvet cake pops. (those are SO unhealthy by the way). Lady Hiva finished her German chocolate macrons. We enjoy working with each other. Lucky Dragon likes to help us too. We have him read the recipe (helpful to learn fractions and reading). Lady Hiva made homemade raisin scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream (it took all night to make the clotted cream!)

The finished banner and the wildflower arrangements Lady Hiva made

Lia's aim was perfection with the decorating...and she did it. The place looked amazing when she was done

We then went to help the team set up. They brought decorations from all their homes and by the time they were done it looked amazing!

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  1. I love how tea parties are becoming a thing again! Great job!