February 14, 2018

Valentine Surprise--An Early One

Knowing that Valentines day we would be busy doing other things I planned ahead. A few weeks ago Lucky Dragon and I went to do our shopping while Lady Hiva was in another store. This year the theme I wanted to go with was Beauty and the Beast. Lady Hiva, Lucky Dragon and I all loved the musical that came out last year. I had done all my research so I knew exactly what I needed and wanted.

We went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a book that I saw--it was a decorated hard bound copy of Beauty and the Beast to match other beautiful books we have displayed throughout the house. He also wanted to get her the newest Illustrated Harry Potter book. We have the other two already. Then we hurried over to Michael's to get a conch terrarium cover.  We were so sneaky and made it back to the car and pick her up before she knew we were gone. We hid our presents under Lucky Dragon's coat by his feet. He was diligent in not allowing his mum to see it. And even sacrificed being cold to keep it a secret.

We then went to Costco and purchased some red roses (which by the way were the same price for 2 dozen last week that 1 dozen is this week!).

We spent the next hour down in the utility room in the basement (the only dark room in the house during the day). We cut ribbons, Lucky Dragon put in batteries to candles and we decorated. He had so much fun putting the bouquet together. I was proud of him. I cut the stems then he did the whole arrangement himself. He kept saying, "Mom is going to love this! I am so excited. This is fun!" He then took the candles and arranged them, stood back and looked. Arranged some more, until he declared it was perfect.

He then went to get his mum to see it. He was so excited he invited everyone else in the house too...so that made it a bit awkward and slightly less of an impact because she was embarrassed instead of being excited. Lady Hiva said, "I wondered why you were shopping at Michael's!" Lame! Unbeknownst to me she had alerts set on her phone when money is spent..and we thought we were being sneaky! haha. 

Not bad for a 4 year old Flourist

The turn out was amazing. Just like I had planned. It sat in our bedroom as a nightlight until the rose finally died.

Arranging the candles

He was so excited for this! 

Happy Valentines Lady! We love you!

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