March 11, 2018

Spending Time In A Place We Love

One of the benefits of taking the family back to Washington, D.C. lately was seeing a beautiful area that we love and reuniting with friends whom we love even more.

We tried to get out and see something each day. This was in between family gatherings and experiences, but we wanted to make sure that Koala Bear and Lucky Dragon saw as much as possible over the time we were there.

We made it to several of the Smithsonian Museums. At the Natural History Museum we walked through the hundreds of animals and thousands of rocks on display--totally down Lucky Dragon's alley of interest. We went to the Holocaust Museum and that always brings a profound respect for humanity and the importance of helping others.

The HOPE Diamond


We even did two things we have never done in all our years in DC--we went on a tour through the United States Treasury and watched them make money! That was a cool experience. Sadly, but understandably, you cannot take more photos than these we took in the lobby.

We also were able to get tickets to the Museum of African American History and Culture. This was no easy feat. I had to wake up at 0600H and reserve tickets the day we wanted to go. I was stoked on the third try I was able to get some! They did so well with this museum, guiding guests through the sordid history of race in the United States. Again, I was left with a resolve to respect and love humanity--for who and what we all are. I found a renewed respect for one of my heroes--Harriet Tubman. I have loved all that she did since I did a History Day Project on her when I was in 6th Grade.
The African American History and Culture Museum

Harriet Tubman...a Hero in my eyes

We visited monuments and walked the National Mall. Lady Hiva was, still, overly excited about squirrels. When she spotted an albino squirrel we could have stopped the trip right there as her life's dreams seemed to be fulfilled! haha. We even made a stop at Arlington Cemetery. That is always one of my very favorite places in the entire country.


His Souvenirs

At each of these stops we were able to talk with Lucky Dragon about their importance. For a little guy he is quite perceptive and would ask some meaningful questions. I hope that it helps him grow to love learning and most of all to celebrate diversity, sacrifice and love.

Lady Hiva's favorite spot in D.C. is the National Botanical Gardens. As always, it was an amazing trip. The flowers were exquisite. Lucky Dragon loved exploring, finding the dinosaurs that were hidden and pretending we were going on adventures to different worlds as we walked through the different areas. 

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