October 23, 2011

The Masses Trick-or-Treat at OUR House

Because of work holiday schedules our neighborhood decided to have Trick-or-Treating this past Saturday instead of next weekend. Lady Hiva was REALLY excited! As I have said before, she loves Halloween so for the last few weeks we have been celebrating. We bought plenty of candy and watched Halloween cartoons. Who knew there were so many ways to celebrate Halloween!

I am what Lady describes as the ‘Scrooge of Halloween.’ I admit, I don’t really like the holiday. Candy is not really my thing, when I was younger I used to hoard the candy under my bed until it was too old to eat (I not sure where I missed out on the ‘sharing boat’). I REALLY don’t like all the chopped off limbs, skulls and gore that accompany Halloween.


But before all you Halloween lovers get your feathers ruffled telling me how fun it is, I do try to be supportive. Lady volunteered to be one of the houses in the neighborhood to give out candy, so of course we needed to decorate. I figured that scrooge or not, if we were going to do this, we were going to do it right. No…we did not have gore or skulls, but I did help string up the spider webs, bats and floating candles.

Halloween activities happened all day; we went over to watch the Costume Parade. There were children everywhere! Some of their outfits were really creative. While we waited for the designated hour of Trick-or-Treating, we went to see the Haunted House that the Marine’s made. Now, you know it is scary when even the adults say it is a bit creepy. But hey, this is a Haunted House Marine style, what did you expect?

Usually Lady Hiva gets mad at me when we go to Haunted anything during the Halloween season because I usually just laugh the whole time. I am more interested in seeing other people’s reactions. So this time I made sure that I threw in a scream or two every few minutes for fun…see, I told you I am trying to be supportive. HAHA. The end of the haunted house had two of the marines pretending to be in a dark room with one buy screaming and the other hacking him to pieces. REALLY gruesome actually. The kids were so traumatized by that they did not see that around the next corner was a guy with a chain saw that was going to chase them out of the building and around the corner.

For about an hour, we stood at the entrance to the Haunted House directing people inside and warning parents with children that it was dark—they did a few showing with the lights on—it was fun to watch adults and children alike squirm at the thought of going in. There were a few of both that only made it to the door and upon hearing all the screaming, backed out and waited with me. Sure enough within a ten minutes their children would come running and yelling around the corner with the sound of a chainsaw not far behind them.

It was about time to give out candy, but Hiva was hungry and the party did not look like it was ending any time soon, so we got something to eat. When we came out there was a FLOOD of children flowing toward our houses. I would have taken photos but we were running around the other side of the buildings to make it home before they reached our house. They were already knocking on the door when we got there.

As we ran up we heard this conversation:
One of the parents said: “I don’t think they are giving candy, the light is off.”
Child: “But there are spider webs on the door!”
Parent: “Stop knocking, maybe they are asleep.” (It was 7pm! Haha, we are not THAT old!)

We got there and Hiva apologetically announced to the mixed multitude of gremlins and princesses, (talk about nightmares of horror movies with vengeful village people with torches amassing at your house) “We are here, we’re here, just a minute.”

She started appeasing the masses as I turned on all of the floating lights we had hung earlier. For the next hour we handed out candy to the steady stream of children at the door. It was good that Hiva did order all of that candy online after all. It was funny when some came around a second time and they were shocked that we remembered them. Some would scampered off embarrassed they were caught, but the truth is that Hiva would never let someone go away without some candy, no matter how many times they came to the door.  


  1. Aw, lucky you guys have Halloween early! The kids must of had fun there!!!!! I'm so excited for Halloween here...Love you guys..

  2. What a freaky haunted house. Definitely not my thing either. Your house decorations are great!