October 01, 2011

Nothing like the hot sun, dark tunnels, mud and some sea sickness for team building

A group of fellow collegues went out to Corregidor for a team building experience. We had some apprehension due to the storms ealier in the week—an hour ferry ride was not ideal even a few days ago. But we were lucky and the day went really well. I have posted some photos and some of my favorite quotes of the day.

Favorite quotes of the day!

“What time are we leaving?”
“Soon.”  Replied the Ferry worker
“When is soon?”
“When we get the clearance from the Coast Guard.”
“When will that be?”
“8am! That is in an HOUR! That is not soon!”
“Yes, soon sir. We will leave soon.”

 “I did not bring anything valuable because I am sure we are going to capsize.” Ami

“How do you steer this thing?” Nour to the Captain. He replied with slight sarcasm, “The wheel right in front of you.”
 “Woa! So THAT’S a radar screen! It really is black and green.”

“Are we there yet?” Ludy

 “Hey, he is a deck cadet, ask him what the signal for abandon ship is!” TJ

“Ok, OK, I give in, take me!” Laine said while raising her hands in surrender as the three fit Military men walked passed her.

 “Soda? Soda for breakfast?” 

“Where are the bathrooms?” Ria as we parked in the middle of the forest.

“Wait! We have to RUN!?” Dang

“I almost hurled on the way over here. It was NOT a good experience.” Ethan
 “I could hear the bats screaming…I was NOT going in there!” Mike
 “I had the light and could hear them shouting for me to shine it at them, but I did not dare shine it around because I was afraid of what I would see in that cave.” Wheng

 “At one point we lost our team in the dark tunnel, it was just Dina and I and all I could think was, ‘This is how a horror movie begins…’” Megan

 “Do we ALL have to go in!?” Ochie when she saw the “Duck Walk”

“I hit my head going through there!” Ludy as she came out of the Duck Walk. TJ chipped in, “She thought they said ‘Jump walk! Hahahaha!”

“LIGHTS! WE HAVE NOT LIGHTS!” Helen as she entered into the dark tunnel without a flashlight, the rest of the team that had them was gone. 

 “Wait there are MORE tunnels?” Chinkee

 "I can't look up right now, I am trying to not fall and break my neck!" Megan

“I saw that bus as I was walking by and I thought, ‘Yep, I am going to rest in the shade.’” Dana

“Look, they even have a break wall for the kids to swim in the beach…” Pam said to Megan as we looked over the cliff to the resort bungalows below. Then the tour Guide finished her story with, “…but there are plenty sharks there.”

“Wait, wait! WAIT! STOP! Start again, again!” Edward the instructor.

“Can you please speak in English? I have asked several times, not all of us speak Tagalog.” Pam
 “It would be funny if someone slipped and fell in this mud! AHHHH!....I almost fell.” Shay while we were walking in the Japanese tunnel in the dark ankle deep in muddy water.

 “I don’t think we are the Green team anymore, we are now the Black team.” Amani after emerging from climbing the steep mud stairs of the Japanese tunnel.”

“Thank you all for coming, if you had not come I would not be here working and I would be home plucking my arm pits.” Tour guide. 

  “Wait there are MORE tunnels?” Chinkee
 “I still have water sloshing around in my shoes.” Aldrin

“Who wants to take a photo with the fertility statue?”  Tour Guide

“There is a chapel here, you can get married there. But when you go home to Manila it is invalid” Tour Guide.

 “Oh, I don’t know what I just stepped in, it is a wet.” Pam

“That was definitely more exhausting then last year’s activity.” Diko

“There are 35 Squares.”
“How do you know?”
“I just counted.”
“Do it again, let me see.”
“Are you SERIOUS?…”

 “Our dumb helper guy is not even HELPING!” Rita as she started off to the next adventure.

“Yellow team, you can now know you have bragging rights that you won. Red team, you did well after you failed. Green team and Blue team, well… you finished.” Alf the inspirational speaker. (Not such an inspirational speech)

“Close enough! YAY!” Megan after the Blue team’s ball fell two inches short of the basket they had walked across the field to reach. 

“I am going to take such a long shower that even the neighbors will complain that I used all the hot water!” Shay

“I have had these shoes for 7 years, they will be thrown away when I get home.” Ami

 “I have chocolate, do you want some?” Rita who then pulled out a bag of assorted candy of all kinds to share.

“You KNOW it is a bad sign when one of the employees of the buffet looks at the food and says, ‘I have no idea what that is, I have never seen it before!’” Mimi when she came back from getting her food. It was a Crepe. I guess that is not a big dessert here in the Philippines.


  1. good job dustin! thanks for the nice photos!!! :)

  2. Thanks for the wonderful write up, Dust! It's really a fun day :)

  3. that looked like a great place, interesting games, and I loved seeing you in a baseball cap again...you look great.

  4. Nice job Dust! thanks for the pictures.

  5. Very creative and funny story, Dustin.

    Rodney here