October 02, 2011

A Night to Remember...

 Lady Hiva and I attended a Ball with our Ward  (Congregation.) It was a blast! The women had done a great job decorating and people came dressed up in their finest outfits, ready to enjoy the night.

It was fun watching everyone have a good time and ‘get away’ from the worries of life for a few hours. The children were watching a movie in the next room over, which included an ice-cream man. We danced, ate and played games.

Some of the ‘more seasoned’ members of the ward were the best dancers. It was totally worth going to watch them just feel the rhythm of the music and dance away! At one point I danced with one of the widows in the ward and she motioned for me to lean down, when I did she said, “Do you like dancing? I surely do!?” Then she started singing along with the slow jazz were dancing to.

The whole idea was to promote relationships between husband and wives; to make sure that we are spending time with each other and remembering why we got married in the first place.

We all had a good laugh during one game where we had a ball between us and we had to wiggle it up to our foreheads without hands! It made for some really great photos too!

They also asked two of the couples that have been married for quite a while to come up and the husband was given some colored tissue paper that he had to design a dress. They turned out to be pretty creative. I am not sure what made me laugh harder, the concentration the men were putting into this, or the faces of the women that said, “What are you DOING?” At a few points both tissue dresses fell off and took several people  to fix it! What a night…truly a night to remember.  

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