December 15, 2012

A Princess For A Day

Here in the Philippines when girls turn 18 it is traditional that they have a LARGE party—more like a Prom. We have been to several of them during our time here and are amazed at the time and money that goes into these coming-of-age events. But it is a time for parents and daughter to celebrate.

One of the girls that we know well from Church is, Pachote. She turned 18 last Saturday and instead of doing a traditional party she wanted to do something with a  service aspect. I worked with her and her family to find a Rescue Home in the area that we could go and have a birthday party with. Rescue Homes are usually for children or women who have been saved from some kind (every kind imaginable) of abusive situation.
 (I only have photos of Pachote and her family on here, for safety reasons we cannot of course post photos of the girls) 
Us setting up...

The Home we chose to work with focuses on teenage girls. I am sure their background stories are heartbreaking and dark…but at the Home they are given a new chance for a future. And because of Pachote’s decision, for one day each of them was able to be a Princess.

Lady Hiva and I worked to gather some books and ended up with a HUGE box full to donate to the Home’s library. We all arrived to help decorate and get ready for the party. You could tell that all the girls were SO excited to have us there.

Once the party started all the girls were given a small tiara to wear. It was fun to watch them giggle as they helped each other place it perfectly. Then Pachote and several of her close friends that came with us taught the girls how to make ribbon headbands with roses on them. Again all of them sat in a circle on the floor heads together helping each other accomplish the task.
Lady with the rose Headband she made...all the girls had fun making theirs

Games came next…they were simple games but laughter and high pitched screams of delight echoed off the walls as they continued to play. At the end, each girl was given a bag full of party favors—all pink and princess themed of course.

So it may not have been as traditional of a 18th birthday party…but it made a huge impact in the lives of several girls that most likely have not felt like a princess very often in their lives. It was special to watch Pachote and her friends interact with the girls at the Home like they were long lost friends…showing how love and kindness really does break down barriers of differences, and despite it all every young girl has her one Divine Nature.

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  1. I had one of those! haha! Against my will, but it didn't turn out so bad. they do go all out!