December 01, 2012

Christmas AGAIN!!

Christmas AGAIN!! Or maybe we should call it is Christmas STILL! Last year we put up the tree around Thanksgiving (after much begging on my part) and it stayed up until February! YAY!! I have such a supportive spouse! HAHAHA

This year, I wanted to put up the tree in October. Here in the Philippines the Christmas music and decorations go up in September (the Ber months) I was ready. But Lady Hiva, always the Halloween Lover, said the tree can go up if it is decorated in Spiders and ghost…brmmp. Not going to happen.

However, just after we got home from our Holiday to Utah, she was the one excited to put up the decorations! So this year they went up the first week of NOV!!! I have help off putting up a blog about it, because it was still early for everyone else…but now it is December we can enjoy the season!



  1. I can't wait to have Christmas in the Philippines! I usually decorate in early November but I'm willing to start in September.

  2. I love your blog and these pictures!