December 08, 2012


Lady Hiva and I have wanted a baby for several years. Yet, for one reason or another we have yet to have a baby survive longer than the first few weeks of life. (More details about that in the book, WHITE LILIES IN AUTUMN) We have explored all kinds of options to make that dream a reality.

One of which is adoption. We decided to go with LDS Adoption Agency, not just because we are LDS, but because they truly take care of both the adoptive parents and the birth parents. The process works like every other adoption agency—at first then it changes a little bit.

When we were in Washington D.C. we went through the home-studies, the background checks, the adoption preparation classes etc. We were finally approved to be listed as an adoptive couple. So this is where it begins to get different. LDS Adoptions believes in helping all parties have a positive experience. So instead of having the Adoptive parents choose the child, we all go up on a website ( and we put up photos, a letter, and answer questions about ourselves. Then the birth mothers, in their own time and way, can search those files until she finds the couple that she feels is the BEST parents for her. This gives her the opportunity to take charge of a situation that she may not feel she has had control of and it also lets her choose a family that has what is important to her. For example, if she wants a family with children she can find someone, if she wants a new couple or a family with a dog, likes sports, etc…

Here is our page:

We were up for a year, during which we had moved to Manila and I had written a book about our experiences together. However Virginia State changes their laws and does not honor us being listed as a Virginia couple when we are on Government orders out of the country so sadly, the VA LDS office told us they had to take down our page.

That was a SAD day.

However, Lady Hiva and I talked about it and we decided that we would try one last time…we called the LDS Adoptions’ Hawaii office since that is where we are residents (yes, even though we live in Manila we are residents and pay taxes etc in Hawaii). We met Sally. Well, we talked to Sally on the phone and HUNDREDS of emails…she must think we are CRAZY!! Hahaha…. Sally and some of her colleagues did research and Hawaii honors that we are on orders out of the country

That was a HAPPY day.

Sally, Margaret and the rest of the office have done WONDERS to help us get back on the “List.” There were unexpected problems and set backs, but they were patient with us (and all our emails :) ) as we worked together to solve the problem.

After a few months of work, we were good to go again! Our file is back up there. Lady Hiva and I were so excited we put it up on Facebook to tell everyone we were back up again. In a day and a half we had 125 “Like” the post, several friends and family that re-posted it on their page to help us in our search, and more people commenting with congratulations. We are so blessed with a wonderful support group.

So here is to waiting!! We will see what happens. Lady Hiva and I have been through enough together to know that we take whatever comes our way when it comes and know that is the way it is supposed to be. Until then we will wait for the day Sally calls us with some GREAT news!

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  1. That's really exciting and we also can't wait till you get that call from Sally :D